Watery Eyes


April 24 – June 14, 2019
Galleri Box, Gothenburg, Sweden

List of works:
Watery Eyes, aluminum, tinted acrylic, 2019
Skinny Dip, UV window film for cars, dimensions variable, 2019

Installation views: Hendrik Zeitler


We watch the sky; the sun hotter than ever. Warm dust sparkles and glows, tingles our throats, as our hands rub blood-hot eyes. A grey stripe at the horizon closes upon us from above. With dusk, the air grows red.

“Watery Eyes” is a group exhibition by Hanna Husberg and the artist duo Tomas Sinkevičius and Viltė Bražiūnaitė. “Watery Eyes” – due to pollution, lost love or staring into the sun – engages with air as an increasingly commodified, naturecultural phenomena.
Coming to air, at the intersection of philosophy, politics, science and lived experience Husberg’s installation “Often people ask how birds are affected by the air”, addresses cultural and political aspects of urban air.
Viltė Bražiūnaitė and Tomas Sinkevičius’ installation “Skinny Dip” and sculpture series “Watery Eyes” look at how we experience weather in the increasingly risky and unsustainable “outdoors”. Engineered environments, where temperature, humidity, and light are tailored to facilitate optimal conditions, together with protective design for our bodies shape how we experience weather and encapsulate our fears.

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